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It's embarrassing to be the target of a media smear campaign. If you arrived at this page after seeing the Fake Media Google results, know it's not true. These lies were not written by any clients of Dost. Exposing the false narrative... Lies about "vicious, horrendous attacks" on two "helpless victims" who had left generous tips and were fine with their massages. A planted NBC Wesh2 Sun Sentinel newspaper article in January 28th of 2016 that now, 2 years later, has been altered and reposted (removing the original post) after Dost exposed the lies in it. The still unnamed writer/reporter stated Dost was "not able to be contacted and hiding from authorities". Total BS. There is zero proof that anyone from the Sun Sentinel had ever tried to contact Dost as was claimed in the fake news article. Whoever is responsible for that article will be exposed eventually and held accountable but for now they know the act was criminal because the original malicious article is GONE FROM THE INTERNET after Dost made it crystal clear that a smear campaign existed and that article was the causative, injecting false and prejudicial information into the public domain. The fake news article was directly linked to the complaint, a 60 year old woman. Her crooked council introduced an even more ludicrous manufactured complaint, presenting it as "fact", that Dost took out his bare genitals and was rubbing them again her face! Absolutely not true. She said, " he was wearing a white Doctor's coat", Dost has never owned such an article of clothing! More lies and worse, she had specifically requested Dost and was grateful for the original healing. Afterwards she left a big tip and was thankful to be free of her back pain! She said nothing to her husband, friends or anyone for 2 months until AFTER she saw the fake news story while Googling Dost's name to look at his art! After contacting the number on the fake article (now missing from Google but in the records), the woman was coached into filing a false complaint against Dost that lead to his license being restricted. All a set-up based on lies, released into the public domain during a failing effort to extract money from a massage envy. Dost's situation is referred to as being "railroaded". CBS Channel 9 news in Orlando stole and misappropriated Dost's LinkedIn profile picture, photoshopped out the colorful background replacing it with grey to look like a mug shot! Abhorrent, malicious defamation. Even a "Victims of Catholic Priests" advocacy group was contacted to fund and support the civil efforts against massage envy. They said he worked at some Winter Garden massage envy which is a lie but since it was connected to a more high profile case from a totally different person, they pushed the false narrative into the public domain. It is STILL in print. They claimed two women were suing Dost, another lie. If anyone sued Dost their names would be in the public domain not hiding behind HIPPA laws and secret stipulations. The complaints are not the women's own words but verbiage created for them by people/institutions out to profit by making them into "victims", hooking them on psyche meds and using them as "professional victims". Dost defended himself pro se, learning the art of lawyering until he ran out of money and needed to return to the west coast to be with his ailing 90 year old father during hospice. He promised his dying father he would return to his artwork and let the massage work go, to treat massage as a calling, not a career. Without the funds to file subpoenas at the time, and Florida State prosecutors failing to delivery proper Discovery to Dost in time so he could prove his innocence, plus being too proud to ask others for money, he missed the opportunity to save his career and expose the whole charade at that juncture in time. Being advised to counter-sue originally, Dost is allowing the smear campaign time to play out allowing the Defamation settlements to climb in value. His potential cases for Defamation with Malicious Intent are intact. Dost has never attacked or assaulted a massage client. Dost had no attraction whatsoever to either woman which makes both cases so insane. Everything got trumped-up in an effort to make money out of creating victims. The whole smear campaign is a fabricated lie and true justice will prevail. All nonsense aside, life is good, God is great and this too shall pass.

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World Peace, Research, Fitness, Spa, Qi Gong, Writing, Travel.