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    If you arrived here after seeing negative fake media saying Dost was arrested (no he wasn't ) and seeing a fake arrest-like photo from a 2016 Prejudicial Publicity campaign on another crooked CBS media posting ( they stole a profile picture from Linkedin with Dost wearing a HAT, and Photo-shopped the background out to look like a mug shot ) both these and others allegations are false.

     A full accounting of how all of this went down is on hold during Defamation lawsuits. The names, faces, and stories of the people who carried this smear campaign out will be part of a documentary showing how collusion and a group of people conspired to try to ruin a gifted person's career. 

    Dost is a healer and respectful person who would never abuse anybody and to think otherwise is to be misinformed.

   Peace, Love and Light to you...





































    Frederick Dost

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World Peace, Research, Fitness, Spa, Qi Gong, Writing, Travel.