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A kind person with over 34 years of service to more then 24,000 clients, Dost found himself in the embarrassing situation of being the target of a media smear campaign. Dost's situation is referred to as being "railroaded" and yes, this is the unphotoshopped original picture Channel 9 news in Orlando stole from his LinkedIn profile and misappropriated to create a fake news story. The colorful background was photoshopped out and replaced with a flay grey color to look like a mug shot! Abhorrent, malicious defamation. Dost was never arrested as is said in the "news" and there is no mug shot, period. If you arrived at this page after seeing media Google Images/Video "News" results, know it's all a set-up to try to silence Dost for being a Whistleblower. In legal terms the CBS machination lends credence as an example of "Abuse of Process" and interestedly enough has been taken down after Dost finally posted the original picture into the public domain exposing the false narrative. The so-called "complaints" are not the words of the two posers but verbiage created for them by people/institutions trying to profit financially by hooking them on psyche drugs and presenting them as unnamed anonymous "victims". A look into their backgrounds and the men they are tied to presents a completely different story, not of helpless women but as aggressive radicals out to try to profit financially, not by suing Dost, as is falsely reported by two S.N.A.P. , (Survivor Network of Abuse of Catholic Priests), Directors in on the plot, but by allowing their council, the same person, to use them in trying to shake-down America's largest massage franchise. The plot failed miserably. The S.N.A.P Directors placed false data into the public domain saying Dost worked at some Winter Garden massage parlor Dost had no connection to whatsoever and tried to connect him with a high profile case involving a completely different person! Dost defended himself pro se against the Florida Department of Health, taking a stand against the injustice. He judiciously studied and learned the art of lawyering and pushed back against the onslaught until he ran out of money and needed to return to the west coast to be with his ailing 90 year old father during hospice. Without the funds to file subpoenas and cross exam witnesses during the Health Departments scheduled Administrative Hearing, and being tormented by crooked Florida State prosecutors who purposely failed to statutorily deliver proper and complete Discovery to Dost in time so he could prove his innocence, Dost missed the opportunity to save his career and expose the whole charade back in 2016. Being advised to counter-sue originally and expose the liars, Dost has allowed the smear campaign time to play out allowing the Defamation settlements to climb in value. He promised his dying father he would return to his artwork and let the licensed massage work go, to treat massage as a calling, not as a career. As a speaker and consultant, Dost has the knowledge, insights and experience to to help others protect themselves from false allegations and mindfully navigate the fascinating world of Americanized licensed massage therapy. All nonsense aside, life is good, God is great and this too shall pass.

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World Peace, Research, Fitness, Spa, Qi Gong, Writing, Travel.